Welcome To Drone Basics!

Welcome to Drone Basics! The perfect place to learn about drones.

This site is intended for people that know very little about drones but are excited to learn. I will be writing content about my experiences, the products I have used, and any new and exciting news within the drone world that beginners might be interested in.

I created a brand just to show off some of my photos and videos I called Skewed Motion Media. You can find links to all my and Skewed Motion’s social media along the right side. As well as a few posts that I already wrote about some of my gear and how I got my Part 107. If there is interest, I will revise and revisit these articles to flesh them out a little bit.

About the Author: Devon Schreiner

I have had many helicopters and toy drones before I purchased my first photography drone, a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, in December 2017. A quick upgrade to a DJI Spark and the addition of a Mavic Pro has made me an avid flyer. In July of 2018, I received his Part 107 certificate from the FAA to solidify my flight knowledge and be able to attempt commercial flights. I also run the KC Drone Pros meetup group in Kansas City. We try to have monthly meetups to network and see what everyone else is doing within the industry. I love all things flying and have fallen hard for drones and their amazing capabilities.

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