Do I Need To Register My Drone?

If you just purchased a drone or are thinking about it, make sure you know if you need to register it with the FAA. This is something that I’ve heard quite a bit and is a pretty important one to know. The good thing is that it’s actually pretty simple.

FAA Drone Registration

The simple answer is: Yes.

There are a couple quick questions to know for sure if you need to or not, but more than likely, you will be registering your new drone with the FAA before you fly.

Here are the FAA Guidelines of whether you will need to register or not.

  • Do you plan on flying outside your house?
  • Does your drone weigh more than .55lbs (250 grams)?

If yes to those questions (which is probably 95% of drones on the market today), then you are going to want to register with the FAA. Alright, now that we’ve done the hard work, how do you actually register a drone with the FAA?

To register your drone, simply visit Once there, you’ll click the register button, sign in or create a new account, and follow the registration process. It is a small $5 registration fee, which is then good for three years.

Once registered, you need to make sure you label your drone, somewhere on the outside of the drone. This is a new rule that was recently adopted. There are a lot of different options and custom sticker companies that can do this for you. I just cut up a couple of blank mailing labels and wrote my new ID numbers on them. They have stuck to my drones great so far.

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