Things To Do With A Drone

You might ask yourself, why should I get a drone? Why does anyone need a drone? Or parents or significant other may be asking you that question as you beg for permission to get one. I know my wife still asks me this on a regular basis. So here’s a couple of things drones can do. Whether you’re looking for ideas for your first one or looking for new ideas for the drone you’ve been using for years.

  1. Race – Challenge your friends or other people with drones. Find an open area in a park or something and do some time trials by yourself, see how quickly you can do it. Just be careful of obstacles and people.
  2. Take a Selfie – I’ve taken quite a few really cool drone selfies over the years. Like this one outside of Las Vegas, this one out at Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadiums, and obviously my first drone selfie ever. Great way to show off a cool place you’re at as well as create some awesome memories.
  3. Go Fishing – Whether you actually go fishing with your drone, or you just take some cool pictures, drones go with just about any outdoor activity.
  4. Sell Stock Photography or Videos – Jeven Dovey has a bunch of great videos on how to get into selling stock video with a website called BlackBox. That site makes it pretty simple. There are also lots of other individual websites that take stock photos and video out there. I will probably be doing an entire article on this topic later. Feel free to check out for some of my photos that I’m selling. (Remember, you’ll need a Part 107 certification before making any money from droning.)
  5. Live Stream – Through DJI’s app, you can now stream your flight video straight to websites like YouTube and Facebook. So if you’re interested in sharing your adventures with your family, friends, and the rest of the world in real-time have fun!
  6. Inspections – One of the most common professional uses for a drone is inspections. Whether it’s inspecting the roof of a house for hail damage or massive cell towers, most structures go through inspections on a pretty regular basis. Completing those inspections with a drone can make them much safer and faster.
  7. Deliveries – Amazon has recently started showing off their newest delivery drones. Whether you’re delivering packages, food, or medications, drone deliveries are only going to become more common.
  8. Sell your house – Drone photos of a house have been proven to sell it faster than just traditional pictures. DroneBase has a great article about all the benefits.
  9. Have fun! – Probably the most important one on the list. Above all, flying drones is fun. Go outside, fly around, and experience soaring through the air. Maybe get an FPV headset and really get the full experience!

How are you using your drone? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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