Drones Are Changing Construction

Drones are making an impact in just about ever aspect of the human way of life right now. From deliveries to how we have fun, drones are starting to sneak into those aspects. Construction, on the other hand, is not simply noticing drones, the industry is being transformed by them.

Quad-copters are capable much more than just taking pretty pictures. Here are a few ways that drones are transforming the construction industry.

Surveying and Inspections.
From before any type of building even starts, all the way through the end of construction, the pictures drones can take are helpful for construction sites. Drones can survey the areas and provide high-definition videos of the areas being developed. Pictures and videos of the site during the build can also be used to identify issues throughout. Instead of sending someone up a too high for inspections, just send a drone.

Monitoring Workers and Progress.
Drone photography is probably the best possible way to monitor progress of a construction site. More than likely, it’s too large to take accurate pictures from the ground. If it’s a house or a new skyscraper, pictures from a drone can really show the progress and what’s going on at a specific site. Depending on how often you want to send your drone out, it could also be a good way to monitor the workers on a particularly large site to make sure they are remaining productive without having to send a person out that far.

Marketing Material.
It’s pretty common knowledge at this point that drone photography helps sell real estate. The big reason it does that, is that photography from the air can show a lot more than from the ground. A buyer can see the entire property at once. An investor can see all the details of a building and how it all fits together in one picture. A customer can visualize how easy it will be to get to and from all the restaurants and stores from the build site. A new construction site that has regular drone photography done is much easier to market no matter what type of customer or investor you are trying to reach.

Here are a few example photos I took of a new apartment complex recently. The photos can show off what’s around as well as the scope of the actual project. With a drone, you are close enough to get inspection grade or marketing material quality of pictures. Remember though, that not anyone can shoot drone photography for construction sites. A pilot needs to have their Part 107 certification to fly for commercial use.

Have any questions about the use of drones in the construction industry? Leave a comment or shoot me a message.

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