Victoria Police Hire Drone Unit

The drone industry is growing very fast. Even police have started using drones to catch thieves. Victoria Police have ordered more than 50 unmanned drones. They will use these drones to support operations and provide rescue support. Victoria police will use these drones to strengthen their operations.

According to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Victoria police is going to use these drones for both day and night operations. They will use these drones to document crime scenes. Drones can easily capture the footage of the crime scene from all angles. They can record the footage with millimeter precision.

These drones can also provide rescue and search support to police. Police can also use these drones in emergencies. They can provide food, water, and first aid to people who live in remote areas. This will help police in creating an effective disaster management problem.

Police can also use these drones to find drugs, missing people and stolen property. They can check remote areas using these drones.

All these new drones will also follow compliance created by Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Thus, these drones are completely safe. Victoria Police will get at least 50 drones by next year. They are also training 70 drone operators this year.

Crime-fighting and technology is evolving every day. Thus, it is important for every government to upgrade their equipment. Victoria government is focusing on providing its forces with better equipment. Their police units can use advanced drones to solve the crime and catch criminals. Thus, these drones are helping police in keeping the community safe.

Victoria Government is currently focusing on Towards Zero Initiative. The main aim of this initiative is to reduce road accidents to zero.

The police force is also using GPS services to track lost or stolen vehicles. You can install sensor devices in your vehicles. If your vehicle is stolen, then Victoria police will use these sensor devices to locate your vehicle. You can also track your vehicle from your smartphone. It will also send you to alert if you are vehicle is moved from its position. If your car is stolen, then you can directly inform the police from the app. This makes it easier for citizens to locate their vehicles.

Similarly, the Met Police are also going to use drones. They will use these drones to locate dangerous dangers. These drones will target people that are involved in dangerous driving. These people put others life at risk. Thus, it is important to catch them.

They will start using these drones from 22 July 2019. According to police officers, these drones will only track down dangerous drivers. They won’t target everyone who is speeding. These drones will transmit information to ground units. Thus, these ground units can arrest any suspect.

These drones will help Met Police to achieve Vision Zero. Vision Zero is an imitative started by London Mayor. Its main aim is to eliminate all the deaths caused due to accidents by 2041. There is already a 19% decrease in driving offenses in the last five years. This is a great sign for Vision Zero Project.

The police are using a police drone to support the Traffic and Roads Policing command activity. These drones have helped tremendously in reducing road accidents. This is also helping the drone industry. More and more police forces are buying a drone from various companies.

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